music for reading adorno

digital release

this one track album is a result of a generative modular synth patch I did for chronopolis. Chronopolis is a radio show for generative music on casmereradio

released March 29, 2018


4-channel audio performance

Vierte Welt | Berlin - 2017

Ausflug - stereo


produced in 24h

Geräuschkulisse | Leipzig 2017


Night-Song in the Jingle-Jungle

generative piece

The whine had changed to a sort of humming purr that seemed to come from every quarter of the compass. It was the noise that bewilders woodcutters and gypsies sleeping in the open, and makes them run sometimes into the very mouth of the tiger[...] Oh, hear the call!—Good hunting all That keep the Jungle Law!

Night-Song in the Jungle - (Rudyard Kipling)

The piece was broadcasted:

cashmere radio - 2015




Different sounds and shapes of paper are central elements for the audiovisual performance: The behaviour of unfolding, bouncing, rolling or sliding paper is staged in a spatial setting. For „PAPER“ no other sounds than original paper sounds are used to create musical stuctures. Some are used to generate more subtle elements or alter filters but most of them are left unchanged. The composition uses sound not only as a time-based medium but also as a spatial narrative. Whereby, amongst other things, the audience gets the chance to make reference between a single sound and its visual origin.

Categorized through different weights of papers the program is devided into six parts. The concert is approx. 40 min long. It is planned as a three channel projection (with 5.1 audio), but can also be played as single channel projection, but with at least three front audio channels and one audio channel behind the audience (4.1). When using one screen: Minimum of 5m width required to get a good spatial separation of sound and video objects.

work with Thadeusz Tischbein - Kasseler Dokfest - Kassel 2015

Aus den Tiefen

radio piece

the piece is an excerpt of a 1h long 4-chanel audio performance and was reduced to a 10 min long stereo piece to be broadcasted on radio.

The piece was broadcasted:

Hessischer Rundfunk - 2014

Aus den Tiefen


digital release: