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Once Upon a time

digital release

thoughts and feelings around dinosaurs, fern, billions of years, seconds, present and 3D scans

sinus paranasales


contribution for Drone Day special cashmere radio now available at Bandcamp.


compostion | sounddesign

1 channel - video, 2-channel-audio | concept and video: Thomas Taube - 2020


03:23 min. | 2-channel video, 2-channel audio | 16:9 (HD) | 2017

operation track

compostion | sounddesign

120 Min 8 channel - video, 8-channel-audio | concept and video: Thomas Taube - 2019

music for reading adorno

digtial release

this one track album is a result of a generative modular synth patch I did for chronopolis. Chronopolis is a radio show for generative music on casmereradio


track on cashmere compilation


compostion | sounddesign

45:51 Min I 2k video, 2-channel-audio | concept and video: Thomas Taube - 2017


digtial release


4-channel audio performance

Vierte Welt | Berlin - 2017

did you see manolo

tape release

happy to be part of this tape compilation

I started a YouTube Channel

check it out: youtube

Stresspad XXL


in cooperation with Lukas Grundmann - 2018
ifa Galerie Berlin

Night-Song in the Jingle-Jungle

generative piece

The whine had changed to a sort of humming purr that seemed to come from every quarter of the compass. It was the noise that bewilders woodcutters and gypsies sleeping in the open, and makes them run sometimes into the very mouth of the tiger[...] Oh, hear the call!—Good hunting all That keep the Jungle Law!

Night-Song in the Jungle - (Rudyard Kipling)

The piece was broadcasted:

cashmere radio - 2015


produced in 24h

Geräuschkulisse | Leipzig 2017

bilder im fluss


in cooperation with Thomas Taube - 2018
Häselburg Gera

dark matters

compostion | sounddesign

20 min. | 4k Video: 16:9, Audio: 5.1 | Konzept u. Video: Thomas Taube | 2014

13 augenblicke 2015

media content

11 min. Video: 16:9, Audio: Stereo | Imagefilm 2014

case studies

compostion | sounddesign

3 min. Video: 16:9, Audio: Stereo im Auftrag für case studies - Berlin 2014


radio show

Chronopolis is a show on Cashmere Radio presenting generative music within an expanded timespan. Every month a new piece is broadcasted live and in real time – running continuously (day&night!) until the next show. Hosted/curated by Lukas Grundmann and Jacob Eriksen

Listen here: cashmereradio

ag poko

radio features

in cooperation with AG Postkolonial and Radio Blau



Grassi Museum




audio visual performance

Different sounds and shapes of paper are central elements for the audiovisual performance: The behaviour of unfolding, bouncing, rolling or sliding paper is staged in a spatial setting. For „PAPER“ no other sounds than original paper sounds are used to create musical stuctures. Some are used to generate more subtle elements or alter filters but most of them are left unchanged. The composition uses sound not only as a time-based medium but also as a spatial narrative. Whereby, amongst other things, the audience gets the chance to make reference between a single sound and its visual origin.

Categorized through different weights of papers the program is devided into six parts. The concert is approx. 40 min long. It is planned as a three channel projection (with 5.1 audio), but can also be played as single channel projection, but with at least three front audio channels and one audio channel behind the audience (4.1). When using one screen: Minimum of 5m width required to get a good spatial separation of sound and video objects.

with Thadeusz Tischbein - Kasseler Dokfest - Kassel 2015


compostion | sounddesign

12:50 min. | 2-channel video, 2-channel audio | concept and video: Thomas Taube | 2017

sorry that I asked

compostion | sounddesign

30min, Video 16:9 Audio: Stereo| concept and video Thomas Taube | 2013

aus den tiefen

radio piece

the piece is an excerpt of a 1h long 4-chanel audio performance and was reduced to a 10 min long stereo piece to be broadcasted on radio. The piece was broadcasted:

Hessischer Rundfunk - 2014


- die untoten | tobias zielony - 2020

- terra nova | constanze fischbeck - 2017

- REPRESÄNT | Kurzfilm Konzept und Video: leonore kasper DOK LEIPZIG - 2013

- Parkstein | Media Content Sound Design | Museum Parkstein | im Auftrag für: Faible GmbH Leipzig - 2013


digtial release


Most of my time I do things which are in some way related to sound:

composition and sounddesign for film,
building eurorack modules and other diy synth stuff,
coding (max/msp, puredata, arduino),
composing pieces for radio,
live performances,

I live and work in Leipzig

I received a Master of Arts degree
in Sound Studies
Universität der Künste Berlin




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„Jetzt haben Sie gar nicht danach gefragt, worauf wir uns vorbereitet hatten.“ | Spreeviera Galerie - Berlin 2015

1000kHz | Sound Studies Masterausstellung, Altes Kühlhaus - Berlin 2015

singing stones | MMIFF Festival, Ponta do Sol - Madeira 2014

ohne Titel | Udk Rundgang - Berlin 2014

Zeitkristall | 48h Neukölln - Berlin 2014

0.7 0.9 0.9 0.7 2.3 2.3 1.1 | Klangfarbe Ludwig, Nikolaisaal - Potsdam 2014

Endlich | raum 365 - Leipzig 2013

vertical sense | HARMOS Plural Festival - Porto Portugal 2013